Climate Change Denial and the Right

Like a Catholic who believes in a woman’s right to choose or a Liberal who believes they have the right to own a rifle, a Conservative who believes in man caused Climate Change learns to keep her mouth shut.

Standing up to oppose that prevailing orthodox opinion can be dangerous. Copernicus nearly died in an Inquisition hell hole for suggesting the Earth was not the center of the universe. Some people just do not want to listen to another point of view.

So where did Copernicus find the courage? For I am looking for a bit of it, as I really believe it is time for the political right to stop the Ostrich head in the sand routine of denying climate change. It is hurting their cause and the party as surely as it is hurting the environment. And to suggest a re-evaluation of that position is sure to attract venom.

I am going to try a reasoned approach. I will start by coming out as a Conservative myself. Right of center, leaning towards Libertarian at times. The least government is the best government. Lower taxes are best, within reason. The free market and capitalism are the drivers of our economy and should be unobstructed as much as possible. Decisions should be made as close to the people affected as practical ; So by the individual if possible, the family, the neighborhood, the community, etc, moving up through levels of government.

Being a conservative does not mean I agree with the whole climate change denial meme that seems to be an integral part of the right wing way of thinking. In fact, as a person who studied Science my first year in University, my reading suggests the debate is all but over. At least among scientists a consensus exists.

So what is at the root of this misguided opinion and approach?
There is a wariness of large government at the core of conservative thought.
There is a hatred of socialism.
There is a belief in wide open capitalism and free enterprise.
And there is a guard up always looking for the left wing to use any and all issues to advance their high tax, big government reach.
They see Global warming as the Trojan horse that the socialists will use to invade and destroy our civilization.

When you see Jane Fonda and Naomi Klein sharing a stage with David Suzuki and Maude Barlow to protest climate change, as we did this week, you know they are not far off the truth. These are people who have targeted Capitalism and Free Enterprise as the cause of all evil in the world. If they were protesting that the sun will come up tomorrow morning in the East, I would have reason to doubt their motivations.

The biggest problem the left have is their Holy Grail, the Kyoto Accord, doesn’t include China, India , the United states, or any of the six largest countries in the world that make up half the population. Half the world is exempt from Kyoto. We need a deal that every country is included in.

But by refusing to engage in the conversation Conservatives have left the field to the extremists. There are no reasonable voices.

The analogy I like is to look back to when polio was running rampant in the world. We came together to seek a solution. I assume we didn’t get dogmatic that governments should not be part of the solution. Certainly when World War II was raging, we recognized that government had a role to play.
And we have addressed previous climate issues like smog, ozone holes and acid rain without abandoning free enterprise and Capitalism. I am sure we can address climate change without doing it now. But we need to make the case before the left wins the debate by default.

Cigarettes kill. We recognize that now. But the people who fought for the tobacco companies are now fighting climate change. It is time for those men to retire, as it always comes time for the Dogs of War to put down their weapons.

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