Book review of ‘On Becoming a Novelist’ by John Gardner

On Becoming a Novelist by John Gardner
ISBN 0-06-014956-6

This book had me traveling a whole spectrum of feelings, from ecstatic recognition of a voice I had always wanted to hear to tedious boredom of the Publication and Faith chapters. There are four sections and the first two are great. I might come back to the second two if I ever suffer writer’s block, but I also might suggest just reading the first two.
If you want to be a novelist, read this book. Gardner talks about what a novelist must understand, and hearing him describe those attributes was an electrifying affirmation that I was on the right track. The positive message had me jumping out of the book constantly to actually write. That kind of motivation is hard to find and is to be celebrated.
Loving language, playing with words, and mental exercises of incorporating themes, metaphors and symbols are all important. But the brilliant language always serves character, setting and action.
Creating that ‘Vivid and continuous dream’ for the reader to immerse in must be the writer’s number one goal. And plot as defined by what the characters want and how they go about getting it must be forefront.
This is not a technical writing book but a more thoughtful discussion on what sort of temperament a writer must cultivate to be a good novelist. A splendid book to have beside you as you begin a re-write of that first draft.
Highly recommended.

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