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Danny Aldham – Writer

I am a technical project manager by day, managing large Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure projects for a major telecom. But this site is about writing, and my love of it. I attended the University of British Columbia where I completed my major in English Literature. (A secret I keep from my IT peers). I have been writing forever. Journals, articles, opinion pieces, short stories. I find it a great way to sort out and organize my thoughts.

But like every dabbler, I have hopes and dreams of becoming a full time writer. And since I am closing in on retirement in the next 5 years, maybe that is when it will happen. But I am impatient, a common trait of Project Managers, so I have begun working on my plan to be a writer now. By writing. Every day. And keeping track of what I write everyday. Not sharing what I write every day mind you. But when I am ready to share, sharing my writing here. So take a look around. Everything is a work in progress. And I think you will find an article on just that subject too.


Danny Aldham


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