Book Review of The 5 Love Languages

Book review of The Five Love Language
By Gary Chapman
ISBN 978-0-8024-1270-6

This is an odd little book. A best seller which I respect. A simple proposition which I like. Yet I felt there was a transactional quality to the advice Chapman gives that left me cold. ‘Secrets to Love that Lasts’ it is subtitled, but I found very little in the book about love.
We live in a world of pop culture and a pursuit of quick fixes. This book delivers a quick fix. Figure out which of the 5 love languages your spouse appreciates most and you are set.
They are:
Words of Affirmation
Quality time
Receiving gifts
Acts of Service
Physical touch

My personal high score was for quality time. I already knew that.

These are attributes that could be used in any transactional relationship. Give your employees words of encouragement, or flattery. Give your target gifts. Give the business associate access to whores. And capture it on film.
I am cynical but giving your spouse what works for them should be done out of love. There is a section where Chapman gives advice to a wife in a loveless relationship that she should give her husband the sex he wants and pray to God for strength. He should give the advice to get out of such a horrible relationship.

Not my cup of tea

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