Book Review of Vision by Gordon D’Angelo

I first read ‘Vision , Your pathway to Victory’ by Gordon D’Angelo in 2013 soon after it was first published. I did the exercises, developed a plan with 12 goals, documented the plan with initiatives, definable measurable and tangible deliverables and dates. I spent days on it and it looked great on paper. Then I put it away and forgot about. I thought. Until I stumbled on it two years later, found that old plan, and I was astounded. Eight of my twelve goals I had fully realized, and I had made great progress on two others. Just the process of following the book and putting pen to paper had moved me forward in a surprising fashion. It had been a true success.
So over Christmas this year I decided to reread the book and again put the ideas into a plan. The book is just as fresh as it was eight years ago.
So many self-help books have nebulous ideas and great platitudes and nice intellectual exercises to move yourself forward. This book, ‘Vision’ by D’Angelo has concrete steps that will definitely move you forward to your goals. It is a short book, 140 pages, so you can read it in an afternoon. But read it and then do the work. Build your wish list, work out a template for the next three to five years. Find interim deliverables, Bridge numbers, and work the plan. Develop the initiatives, develop a support network, tell the world about your plans. Find the people you can help and the people who can help you.
I am sold on this book and its approach because it worked for me once before. I am confident it will work again, and that it will work for you!
Well recommended.

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